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            一起優秀網    來源: 陽光高考門戶 英語參考答案      2018-02-02         
            文章標簽: [期末考試]   [九江期末考試]   [英語參考答案]  




            1—5  B C C B B        6—10  A C B B B     11—15  B A A A B  

            16—20  C B C A A       21—22  B B   

            23. worse and worse      24. growing up           25. nothing interesting   

            26. feel excited          27. community  


            28—32  A C B A C        33—35  C C D  


            36—40  C D B B A       41—45  C D B D B       46—50  B C B A C 

            51. doing      52. time     53. different    54. know       55. always

            56. some      57. inside    58. while       59. hands      60. special


            61—65  C B B C D         66—70  A C A C B     71—75  D A B C D  

            76—80  G B C D F


            81—85 D C G F B


            Dear Bob,

            How are you? I’m happy to hear that you will come to Beijing for a visit during the Spring Festival . Now I’d like to tell you something about it. The Spring Festival is on the last day of Lunar December. It is one of the most traditional festivals in China. It means that family members get together. So on that day, families get together and have a big meal. People usually have chicken, fish, pork, dumplings and so on. After meal, people watch CCTV Spring Festival Party and set off the fireworks until midnight. I think the best part of the festival is that I can get Hongbao and have a long vacation.

            Hope to meet you in Beijing soon!


            Li Hua

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