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    一起優秀網    來源: 陽光高考門戶      2014-05-08         
    文章標簽: [英語答案]   [保定二模]  





    高三5月模擬考試英語參考答案(A 卷)
    1---5 CAABC  6---10 BCACB  11---15 CCBAB  16---20 ACBAB  21---25 CBAAB  26---30 DCDCD  31---35 BDCBB  36---40 CGBEF  41---45 CBAAD 46---50 BBDAC  51---55 BDCBC   56---60 DDCAA 
    1---5 AABBC  6---10 ACACB  11---15 CABAB  16---20 BCBAB  21---25 DBAAB  26---30 BCDAD  31---35 BDCAB  36---40 CGBEF  41---45 CBAAD 46---50 BBDAC  51---55 BDCBC   56---60 DDCAA 
    requirements  62. reasonable   63. can   64. If  65. will be expected/ are expected  
    66. shared  67. living   68. what  69. within  70. less

       The other day my brother and I went to the cinema by bikes.  My brother rode with me
     sit on the seat behind. As we came to ^first crossroads a young man and a girl walked up 
    sitting                          the                           
    and stopped me. “We’ve got you at last.” They said happy.  And we didn't know
              us                              happily  But
     them. At no time the young man gave us his explanation. He pointed to the policeman
     and said, “It is he ^stopped us about half an hour ago and made us to catch the next 
                   who             去掉to                       
    offender. So come on, stand here. Hope you don't have to wait as long as we do. 
    Good luck.”  

    Possible version:
    Dear Bob,
      I'm so glad to learn that you're coming to our city in July. 
      I’ve found a suitable flat for you. It is on Chao Yang street and Bus No. 5 can take you there. Maybe there is only one stop from the flat to Hua Wen school so it is very convenient for you go there on foot. The flat is 60 square meters, in which there is a bathroom, a bed, a sofa ,a desk and a chair. By the way, the rent is 800 yuan per moth. I hope the flat can meet your needs. if not, please tell me and I will try to look for another flat for you. 
        Looking forward to your coming.
                                                                     Li Hua

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